• Vacuum Chambers and Fabrications
  • Rotary and Linear Feedthroughs and Actuators

We are specialists in ultra high vacuum chambers and equipment. Our main objective is to provide clients with the highest quality in engineering and fabrication of high vacuum and ultra high vacuum chambers and equipment. Excellence is assured through in-house control of the entire process from; CAD design, fabrication, leak-testing , UHV cleaning and bake-out with RGA scan if required.

Vacuum Chambers can be manufactured in Stainless steel 304L/ 316L & 316LN or solid machined from Aluminium, Thermic Edge can accommodate small vacuum housings or Large Vacuum Chambers up to 2 meters x 3 meters.

  • Over 10 years of high vacuum & UHV fabrication experience.
  • We can produce fabricated chambers up to 2m x 3m.
  • In house solid modelling and CAD design.
  • Extensive CNC machine shop, with 3 and 4 axis machining.
  • Turning up to 1.4m in diameter.
  • Milling up to 2m x 3m envelope.
  • Specialists in vacuum TIG welding techniques, including full penetration.
  • ISO9001 approved, with FARO inspection arms.
  • Helium leak check on all components.
  • UHV cleaning on all components.
  • Large Ultrasonic tank can handle components up to 1m³ .
  • Large 300°C bake out oven 3.4m x 1.5m with dry pumping.
  • Residual Gas Analyser (MKS 200AMU) for analysis after bake out.

Rotary & Linear Feedthroughs & Actuators

Our rotary / Linear feedthroughs comprise a central shaft sealed with two viton quad rings, supported with Igus plastic bearings and housed in a stainless steel housing. The viton quad or X ring seals have four sealing lobes, which only need a very light load to form a secure vacuum seal. The lobes also trap high vacuum grease ensuring they are continually lubricated. The very light compression required to achieve a good seal, means that the seals last a very long time. They seal perfectly for both rotary and linear movement, making them very reliable. The seals can be easily replaced by removing a circlip on the vacuum side of the feedthrough.

Our current standard range offers a dia8mm solid shaft or dia19mm tube on a DN40CF flange. We also have a dia6mm solid shaft on a DN16CF flange. The 8mm and 19mm shafts are ideal for use in sample rotation stages, and are ideal for use in high vacuum. The CF16 flange with the 6mm shaft is ideal for shutters.

We can offer the rotary feedthroughs without any actuators, just the flanged body, shaft and shaft clamps (airside and vacuum side). We also have design solutions incorporating electric motors for rotation, or pneumatic or solenoid actuators for shutters.

Although most commonly used for rotary motion, the feedthroughs will work just as well if linear motion is required.


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